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JB - (2/4/2020 12:03:15 PM)
Ferguson TO-35 help needed
Hey all you Ferguson experts.  I need some help on this one.  I'm trying to help a lady identify a tractor she wound up with as part of a small parcel purchase.  It is painted red and gray, and has MF 35 decals.  However, it has the Ferguson badge on the front of the hood, and the serial number plate reads

SGF 183517
From my understanding, S = Utility, G = Gasoline engine, F = Single stage clutch

The only listing I have for Ferguson serial numbers has me confused.  It tells me this tractor is a 1958.  I had always been under the impression that starting in 1958 the two separate lines were dropped and everything was branded Massey Ferguson?? 

My listing shows Gas Deluxe 1958 s/n 178216 through 188850 and Gas Special s/n 183348 through 185503.  How do you tell if it is a Special or a Deluxe?  Either way, per the serial number and this listing, it is a 1958...  The listing I have also still shows the TO-35 being built in 1959.  Really?

What colors would this tractor have been painted at the factory?  Would it have had MF 35 decals since it was 1958 even though it has the Ferguson badge on front of hood and TO-35 on the serial number plate?  What else can you tell me about this tractor, and what I can tell her about it??

Thanks for your input.