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Alan Harris - (2/5/2020 2:35:17 AM)
RE:Ferguson TO-35 help needed
Here in the UK we had the Grey/Gold  Ferguson FE 35. It had Ferguson decals on the side of the bonnet (hood) and a metal badge with Ferguson on it on the front of the hood.
The colour was changed in about 1957 to red and grey (the grey at this time I think was called Flint Grey). It would have had Massey-Ferguson decals on the side of the hood but would have retained the metal badge on the front of the hood with Ferguson on it. The engine was a four cylinder Standard engine. 
I imagine about 1958 after Massey-Ferguson had bought Perkins Engines the three cylinder AD 152 engine was fitted. The decals on the side of the hood would have said Massey-Ferguson 35 and the badge on the front would have been changed to the triple triangle. The grey paint would have changed to Stoneleigh Grey which was a darker grey.
I am told that if some Dealers had unsold Grey/Golds in their yards they painted them red and grey.
On the standard or deluxe versions. I think the deluxe versions had a better seat and a dual clutch instead of a single one. 

Hope this helps but I am sure there are people out there with a lot more knowledge of Ferguson than me who could chip in.