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JohnBrown - (9/23/2020 1:21:54 PM)
RE:33 Diesel/Kerosene registry

   I currently own 33D1SF 12423P  and it resides in Wisconsin. I have also owned prior 33D1SF 12418P which now resides in southern Minnesota.
   And as stated earlier the P at the end of the serial number does call out that the engine has a PSB rotary injector pump. You will see an A on some other models that used the APE inline injector pump. That information is not speculation, it is stated in the front of most models parts or owners manuals in the serial number nomenclature breakdown.
   Also, I was told at one time that the production estimate of 150 units came from the number of ED201 engines that Continental aledgedly supplied Massey Harris in Racine. If the number of engines shipped was 150, then there couldn't be more than 150 diesel tractors produced. Potentionally pure speculation but a good story.