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Terry Kessel - (9/26/2020 4:13:16 PM)
RE:33 Diesel/Kerosene registry
You can add 2 more 33 Diesels to your list.  My Son Chris has 33DISF 12505P and 33DIRF 9346P.
And on the subject of the P on the end of the Serial # standing for PSB Pumps that sounds correct. 
I looked at all my Parts and/or Operators Manuals for the 33 D's and it appears that the PSB pumps were the only pump used on the 33 D's.

The 333 D's Manuals only list the PSB Pump.

The Manuals for 44 D's, 44 SPL D's,  55 D's, 444 D's and the 555 D's used both the PSB and APE pumps.

Hope this info is useful.