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Bob_Lynn - (9/27/2020 11:47:48 PM)
RE:33 Diesel/Kerosene registry
I've said for years that one of three things is going on with 33 Diesels. Either there were more than 150 built, or they were really good tractors and nearly all of them have survived, or everyone that has one is really proud of it and so everyone takes their 33 Diesel to the shows. 
The one at the Carlise, IA auction yesterday sold for $1600.
I've had mine for several years now. Serial # 33D1RF 8833P. It has a wide front front and was in the process of being restored when I bought it. The wide front is a bit rough and I've thought I would switch it to a tricycle as I like the look of the narrow front under the diesel 33. Time will tell.