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johnfarnworth - (12/1/2018 10:17:59 AM)
RE:Massey 81s and 82s
Still searching the archives and keeping out of the rain.

The front cover shows a RED 81 on military aircraft manoeuvering  duties.

Inside is a line up of 81s on an air field.

It is very interesting to note that these military 81s in contrast to the agricultural 81 shown in the last post have short air stacks and down swept exhausts

I wonder how many have survived with their front mounted push/pull bumper?  and did they have modified rear drawbars?

It occurs to me that many of the veiwers of this post cannot reply because they are not MCA members.  Maybe they could go to the list of officers given on this web site and maybe e mail them with any information you may have, then they might be good enough to post it on the web site?