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RE:Massey 81s and 82s

Interesting setup for the converted cranes, first time I've seen something like that.  Wonder how many they built? Reminds me of the some of the tractors that were converted to forklifts.

RE:Massey 81s and 82s

Lovely photos again Bill - thanks for your efforts.

A slight digression - here are two photos of a red Challanger on crane duties again by the HV McKay Massey-Harris link.

It would be good if some Aussie Massey nut could make a book on the specific history of MH and Mc Kay.  Any volunteers or is there one already that I am missing out on?


RE:Massey 81s and 82s

Hi John, that's and interesting article. Is there anyway I can get a hold of the full article?  I have what I believe are the 2 203 cranes used by the military down under. The serial numbers are only 2 apart, but the article looks like it mentions the RAAF. I am try to trace some military history myself. I don't know about a book though. I am happy to share information. 

Regards Buck

RE:Massey 81s and 82s

Buck - I can't quite recall where they came from or if I still have the original but I will trawl my archive in the near future for you and let you know


RE:Massey 81s and 82s


Your original question has really brought forth some interesting and unknown information, ( at least to me!) Now I wonder if there are any surviving examples of the cranes other than those down under?

Would be neat to have in a collection to share history with others


RE:Massey 81s and 82s

I am not aware of any surviving cranes and as far as I am aware there were never any in the UK.  And I am not aware that there were any in N America.  Certainly it would be nice to have one.  Maybe Aussie Massey can fill us in more??  I would love to see a shot of the 203 version

RE:Massey 81s and 82s

Hi John, I found the photos and information that I posted under the 201, 202,203 thread. They have a Malcolm Moore crane attached. 

RE:Massey 81s and 82s

Hi Buck,

It poured with rain yesterday so I trawled through my files but I can't find anymore out about the Challenger cranes I'm afraid.  I suspect that they might have come from someone down in Australia when I was writing my book on MF industrials quite some years ago now.  Looking at the acknowledgements that I gave in the book it could have been Ross Winter, Bill Bedser or David Smith if these names ring a bell with you.

Sorry not to be of more help
All the best

RE:Massey 81s and 82s

The number of viewings of this thread have been nothing short of astonishing in such a short period of time.  It all started with me seeking to uncover what were the serial numbers allocated to MH 81/82 tractors that were placed with the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Comments and responses diversified into what were the specific characteristics of these Air Force tractors.  Perhaps it is pertinent at this stage to recap what we have unearthed so far:
1. No-one has come up with a specific serial number list
2. No-one has come up with the total number supplied to the Air Force
3. It has been established that their colour could be red, green blue or yellow - the latter perhaps after the end of the war
4.  They have a downswept exhaust
5.  They have a short air cleaner stack
6.  They may or may not have eye bolts in the front axle
7.  They may have a steel bar loop under the main chassis - perhaps for strapping down to their transporter?
8.  They may or may not have cast front wheel centres
9.  They may or may not have cast steel rear wheel centres
10. They may or may not have a front push/pull drawbar frame

That is my summation so far.  If anyone can add or correct it then please do.

In the meantime might I ask if anyone who owns one can identify any differences to the electrics (very common on military tractors) including lighting, or the rear drawbar.


RE:Massey 81s and 82s

Hi again Buck,

I've been in the archives again and regarding the second photo I gave in my last post to you it is in fact a 101 or 102 Senior apparently painted in Khaki but after the war  they revrted to red.  I also have a note that I found it in an HV McKay publication Sunshine Review of Dec 1947.

A few more nuggets to add to the confusion!!  I am re posting the photo here the right way round!