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DanP - (9/10/2019 12:21:56 PM)
Agco Allis Oil Pull
Had a very scary moment this morning. We have a 40/60 Model Z Oil Pull and we keep it in the Midwest Old Threshers Musem . It has some major leaks and a valve is leaking so it was time to take it home and work on it. It ran fine all through the show but when we went to drive it out of the museum my son was driving and when he turned out of the building it stopped going. He said it felt like the tractor dropped 3 inches. He first thought he just dropped off the cement but it would not go. We shut it off and started to look it over. All of a sudden my son said GET AWAY FROM THE WHEEL. There is a nut on the end of the axel and it is covered by a big cap. The axel is 3 or 4" in diameter with a threaded stud about 1 1/2 diameter 2 " long. The wheel slid off the axel and was sitting on the threaded shaft and just barley on it. We were an inch from a disaster. First my son could have been thrown form the tractor and hurt also the wheel would have fallen down tearing up the fender cab and clutch all un replaceable items. We got a fork lift and lifted the back up and using a big bar and a lot of man power we got the wheel back on. Put the nut back on and stood there and talked about how lucky we were. I thought how would they have done this back in the day if that happened out in a field. My son was going to drive the tractor on the trailer but decided we should take the cover off the other side to check it before we did. It was fine so he drove it on the trailer and it is now back home. The first thing we will do to it if fix the whhel nut. Not sure who was saying a prayer for me this morning but I am glad they did. Now I bet all you Oil Pull owners will go out and check your whhel nuts.