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WANTED diesel MH 33/44 OR 333/444

Hi all,

First off I just want to say I am by no means in a hurry for one, just wanted to put this out there to keep everyone's eyes peeled.

Anyway, I am hunting for a Massey Harris 33 or 44 diesel and it can be narrow front or wide front, does not matter to me which one. Or I am open to having a diesel 333 or 444. Would like to find one that's in decent shape mechanically. Would really like to find one here in Indiana, but if one should come up for sale elsewhere (such as Illinois or Kentucky) I would still be willing to tak to seller. Best way to get ahold of me is on here ( as I look at this site quite frequently) or by my email. Thanks and have a good one everybody.


RE:WANTED diesel MH 33/44 OR 333/444

Found the tractor I was looking for.

RE:WANTED diesel MH 33/44 OR 333/444

Great what did u find????