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1946 Massey Harris 101 Sr

    Working on my 1946 101 Sr and was wandering what color the radiator is supposed to be!!!  It’s red now but when I dissembled the tractor the motor was red also and it’s my understanding it’s supposed to be black (hope so cause it’s black now)!!!! 

RE:1946 Massey Harris 101 Sr

Larry, You are correct about the engines being black. After WWII, Massey Harris was building tractors so fast that Continental couldnt build engines fast enough. Many MH tractors were built but had no engines, so thats why they were black to get to MH faster so they could complete their tractors and get them to dealers. So to answer your question, yes the radiator should be black. If anyone wants to add or correct something I said, please feel free to do so.

RE:1946 Massey Harris 101 Sr

  Thanks Dakota I was pretty sure about the color of the engine being black but not sure of the radiator itself!!!  I looked on my 1938 101 and1941 101 junior and one is red and other is black so still not sure!!  Guess it’ll be whatever I paint it but got my curiosity up!!!