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Massey Harris 101 Sr panels

 My 101 Senior,is missing the two side panels that are under the fuel tank!!!!  I have located a couple reproduction ones but decided I wanted to try and “manufacture” them myself!!!  It’s been an experience as I don’t have access to any metal breaks or such so it’s slow going!!!!  Going to have to manufacture the latches ( reproduced panels don’t come with latches would have to build them anyhow)!!!  I don’t have any patterns or even pictures other then those on pictures of tractors!!!!!!!    If someone has a 101Sr with the panels I would really appreciate some pictures of just the panels, both inside and outside  and of the latches, would certainly be helpful!!!  Will see how the first one turns out will probably end up purchasing the reproduction ones but like the challenge of trying it myself, and I’ve got more time then money,,,,,,,!!!!!