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Lets have a tractor show!....well sorta

Alright, I know its been quiet on here lately because so far pretty much everything has been canceled or postponed because of this virus. So I say lets have a tractor show. Post your pictures of tractors from any shows you have been to, doesn't matter what color they are. I'll start with some of my pictures I have taken from various shows. Lets hope this thread takes off!

RE:Lets have a tractor show!....well sorta

Hey Dakota.  I recognize a couple of those photos! 

Here's a shot from Massey Days 2016 after everybody else had left.



RE:Lets have a tractor show!....well sorta

Hey John,

Haha, knew one or two of those would seem familiar to you. Great shot, that's one that would make a great picture to hang up on the wall.