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Massey-Harris 44 Wide Axle (or "Rice") standard tractors

Hey folks,

After having determined there is another 44 K1WH (wide axle, kerosene) out there with a serial number only 3 later than mine, I have gotten interested in putting together a listing of all the known 44 wide axle (or "Rice") tractors to see if I can find any sort of trend. 

The only thing I have found in any sales literature on the 44 wide axle tractors is in the 1953 Buyers Guide.  I will attach a scan of that information from the 1953 Buyers Guide.

I have sent an email and/or talked on the phone with everyone that I already know has one or more of these wide axle 44 tractors.  If you have one, and haven't heard from me, I would be very interested in getting your serial number information and even a photo or two of your tractor.  If you don't want that information shared publicly here on the website, you can contact me directly via email or phone.  You can find both my email and phone information under the officers listing here on the website.

If you are reading this as a guest, and not an MCA member, but would still like to contact me, you can get my information by contacting AGCO directly.

Thanks in advance!

John Bush

RE:Massey-Harris 44 Wide Axle (or "Rice") standard tractors

I have a diesel 44 high arch serial number 44DG 3053 but I am not sure if this is the information you are looking for.

RE:Massey-Harris 44 Wide Axle (or "Rice") standard tractors

That number should have been 44DR 3053.