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Indiana Massey Show is still a GO!

Hey Friends and neighbors (Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, and all you others one state or more removed).

The Indiana Massey Collectors Association summer show is still a go!  Seems most of our neighboring states shows have been cancelled.  For all of us that are anxious to get out to a show and visit with good friends, here is an opportunity to get together with our family, bring tractors, equipment, memorabilia, displays, etc., and have some fun in the sun!  

We are being hosted again by the Greensburg Power of the Past.  The dates are August 19-23.  Many of you have been there before.  Just a short distance off of Interstate 74 in Southeastern Indiana.  Plenty of space for you and your exhibits.  Ample good food on the grounds.  Good folks to be around and visit with.  Indiana shows are generally fun, but they are even more fun when our friends from neighboring states come to join us.

At this instant in time, we don't have a banquet scheduled.  That might get resolved in the next couple of weeks.  Keep an eye on this site for updates.

Hope to see a bunch of you there!



RE:Indiana Massey Show is still a GO!

Alright! Something to look forward to! Good Lord willing and the creek dont rise Im planning on being there.

RE:Indiana Massey Show is still a GO!

Update:  We will have a banquet!  Banquet reservation form will be in the next IMCA Newsletter (which is in process of being put together).  If you don't get that newsletter and would like to attend our banquet, please contact John Bush or Gary Emsweller.  Cost is a mere $15.  Hoping to see a good turnout!