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33 diesel steering wheel

Hello all, 

So as some of you know I bought a 33 diesel rowcrop, and so far I did get new front tires on it, greased it and got a new steering wheel for it. However, I quickly came to find that it wasn't going to be as simple as I thought it was going to be. As it looks to me the pin that holds the wheel to the collar is froze in place. I tried to drive it out (the pin) with a punch and hammer, but don't think I moved it much. So my question is, would it be easier to just drill out the pin, heat it or just carefully cut it off?  Let me know what some of you think. Thanks!

RE:33 diesel steering wheel

Hi Dakota --- The pin that holds the steering wheel and u-joints to the shaft are tapered, not very much but a little.  You can not drive that pin through the wheel or (u-joint) the wrong way.  You need to drive it out from the small end, which can be very difficult to decide which way to drive it.  If you have been driving it the wrong way it may be more difficult to get it out now.  I've never had one I couldn't drive out.    Jerry B

RE:33 diesel steering wheel

Hello Jerry B,

Appreciate your input. I must admit it is hard to determine which end is the smaller end. On the one end, the pin sticks out just a little from the collar and on the other end the pin is flush with the collar. So would the end that is flush be the smaller end? I apologize in advance if it sounds like a dumb question.

RE:33 diesel steering wheel

Hi Dakota ---   Usually (but not always)  the end of the pin that sticks out a little is the big end and the small end is flush or not quite flush.  I like to support the shaft with a sledge hammer and drive the pin with an Air Hammer.  I try which I think is the small end first.  If it doesn't come out I try the other end of the pin.  Sometimes I go back and fore a couple of times.  Hope that helps and you are able to get the pin out.  I've seen where someone will replace the tapered pin with a roll pin but I don't think that works as well.   JerryB

RE:33 diesel steering wheel

Hello Jerry,

Thanks, I appreciate the tip. Think I was driving it the right way, but it was just being stubborn. A new pin did come with the new steering wheel, looks to me like its similar to the old pin. When I get some time this weekend (or after I get off work one day this week) I will have to give that a try and let ya know how it goes. Thanks again.