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MF 1100 Prototype update

Some of your are familiar with the story on my MF 1100 Prototype, Serial number CDW 650000014.  When I picked the tractor up, anytime the engine was running the brakes were dragging.  If I disconnected the lines from the brake control unit to the brakes, they would roll freely.  

I was able to get a new old stock brake control unit rebuild kit.  After tearing the unit down, I disco vered the unit on s/n 14 was different from those in the parts books.  One more thing I have discovered on the prototype that didn't go to production.  I did my best to rebuild the prototype unit, but was unsuccessfull.  It still bypassed pressure to the brakes anytime the engine was running.

I was able to pick up a used production brake control unit from a donor tractor.  I rebuilt that unit, got it installed, and went through the brake bleed process.  Happy to report that now the brakes on s/n 14 work as they are supposed to!  Now I can easily and safely drive it around.

I didn't get a video, but snapped a quick photo while I had it out and about this afternoon.