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It is a rare day that I accomplish any thing of any significance so yesterday was a special day!!

First thing was an MCA project we have been working on since the Spring Meeting in March. The Board of Directors approved purchasing backdrop banners to be used for our meetings and shows throughout the year. Tracy Upshculte, our new graphics designer, did a fabulous job developing each of the five banners that were prepared.  Each banner can stand alone or be positioned side by side for a nice backdrop for meetings and events.  Surprisingly they all arrived at my door yesterday!

The second accomplishment was the restoration on my Massey benches.  I have had these benches for years and the boards were slowly going away so I started redoing them this Spring.  Glen Francis orginially made the ironwork for the benches.  I made the slants to finish them out.  There is entirely too much sanding and coats of spar varnish on these slants for any practical use.

I had just finished putting the last bolts in the benches when my favorite UPS man showed up with the banners. Not very often does my luck allow for two big projects finishing up on the same day within minutes of each other.

Here are a couple of pics of the banners and the banners and benches!!

Yesterday was a good day!!



Very nice Gary! I really like the banners, they would look good hanging up in my room, Haha just kidding. Banners would've looked good hanging up at our state show.  


Well done, Gary! 

I've got several projects over here that you could come work on if you have run out of things to do!  :-)


   Both the benches and banners look very nice!!!  Definitely something to be proud of!!!!!!