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Labor Day Plow Day

Hello All,

So I today I was very pleased to get another opportunity to put my MH 55 to work again. A feller that's in the local machinery club with me had roughly 13 acres of hay ground he was wanting plowed up so he could replant it. First plow I hooked onto was a Oliver 2 bottom hydraulic lift and then switched to a 3 bottom trip type plow (unsure of make and model). The 2 bottom Oliver plow pulled nicely behind my 55 and I also found out that my hydraulics work great! The 3 bottom gave my tractor a real workout. The ground we was in was clay and was very hard in some places, even stopped me in my tracks a couple of times. Never ran out of power just traction. That 3 bottom plow was all that 55 wanted, but it pulled nicely and man did it make her bark! Didn't break anything this time and only issues I really had was getting the 3 bottom set and for whatever reason kept getting choked up. But nonetheless I helped finished the field and the lineup for today was: my MH 55, an Oliver 77 w/Oliver 2 bottom plow, Case 1070 w/Oliver 5 bottom plow, Ford w/ Ford 2 bottom 3pt plow and a 180 AC pulling a 10ft disc. 

RE:Labor Day Plow Day

Nice way to spend your "Labor" Day.

i spent mine trying to figure out why the IH 656 wasn't getting gas.  Just filled full a couple weeks ago.  Nothing in the line, nothing in the sediment bowl.  And nothing in the tank!  (As in no gas!) What a goose chase. 15 gallons must be in the gravel floor in the barn!

At least the carb, line and sediment bowl are all clean!!


RE:Labor Day Plow Day

You must have gremlins Gary, sure sucks to lose that much fuel.

RE:Labor Day Plow Day


I can't imagine losing that much gasoline and the barn not smelling very strongly of it!  Are you sure the squirrels and raccoons aren't working with your neighbors to keep their lawn mowers full???

I had one fuel tank drain and two different sediment bowl valves develop leaks in the barn over this past summer.  Each time when I walked into the building the strong smell of gasoline hit me in the face, and I started hunting for the leak.  And none of these leaked more than a cup total of gasoline!

I assume you've already pulled the engine oil dipstick to make sure it isn't in the oil pan??

Good luck!


RE:Labor Day Plow Day

Gary    15 gallons of fuel @ 2.50 only the price of a good South Dakota bred and fed 32oz T Bone.  Could hve been worse.  LOL