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Implements for Massey Harris 20

I was wondering if anybody can tell me what implements were used with the MH20 row crop tractors. If anyone has pictures or advertising catalogs that show those items I would love to see pictures. I know they had a cultivator set up but was there other items? Did the MH81 have the same rear lift set up on them also? Thanks in advance for any information you wish to share.

RE:Implements for Massey Harris 20

I have both a 20 and 81, have culivators on the 81 and use a power lift to pick the culivator up. A Number 6 semi mounted mower also was used on the 18 and 20 along with a 22.

RE:Implements for Massey Harris 20

Thanks. I am supposing the semi mounted mower used the power lift on the back as the mount? I would love to see pictures of your 81 with the cultivators attached.