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Remain Original or repaint

I have this nice original paint pacer (except for the front  rims). Decent original paint and decals and not stored outdoors its life. It is Very hard to find nice original tractors like this built 64 years ago.  A gentleman wants to buy it and repaint it so it looks like new because his grandson likes the nice shiny ones and not original painted ones............What would you do?

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Now I am not trying to tell you what to do, but if it were me, I wouldn't sell it to him. I wouldn't sell any original tractor to anyone unless I know for a fact they are going preserve its history. Everyone of these antique tractors has a "story" to tell and if you repaint it, to me anyway, that story is gone. I have seen some original tractors bring more at sales than if they were repainted. The only time I would repaint a tractor is if there was no way to save the original paint. As a fellow friend and collector told me one time, "they are only original once".


RE:Remain Original or repaint

Thanks for the feedback. I think I can convince him to only repaint the rims. For some reason someone had poorly  repainted the outside of the front rims black years ago.

RE:Remain Original or repaint

Greg and Dakota,

I have just opened your attachment showing the photo of the tractor, what a beauty and in my eyes one to remain in it's original state with the addition of some preservative to keep it that way. But as always it's the owners decision to go which ever way he or she wishes, but I always like to point out the current trend for any antique is to keep it's original patina if at all possible and often it takes a premium if the item comes up for sale.

With regard to the wheel rims, there are ways to repaint them with an "aged" or "period" look to compliment the remainder of the original tractor, first use a matt paint not a shiny gloss and then age them with a few imperfections, first experiment on an old wheel off the scrap heap and you will be amazed what can be achieved with a little time and patience.


RE:Remain Original or repaint

Thanks Maclom. I agree. He bought it and I will encourage him to read this forum!!!
In my opinion painting will reduce the value about 30%
More photos easier to see:

RE:Remain Original or repaint

Greg If I lived closer I wouldve bought it off you, haha! I wouldnt mind having a Pacer. Hopefully the new owner will listen to your encouragement and read this forum, who knows he might become a member. I do hope he appreciates the fact that he does have a nice original tractor. Cheers, Dakota