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Just courious how many MH 1 are in existance. I see a lot of stories about the MH 2 but very little on the MH 1. How many are in the US and how many accross the pond? It will be fun to see pictures and stories.



No other No 1s so far known but who knows what might still come out of the woodwork.

Maybe 25 No 2s in existence.  Three across here in the UK, some in Canada and I think maybe 2 in Europe.  Malcolm probably has more exact numbers

My son and I have one each both from Ontario province in Canada.  Both good runners and very original.  They came from within about 50 miles of each other

Three No 3s known of



John You can correct me if I'm wrong but I think DanP was inquiring about No 1's.Yours and Malcolm's are No 2's and No 3's surely. I am assuming, but I don't know the No 1 in the Massey Clipper is the only one in existence. Alan