Another New Gallery Post

Golden Harvest Days in OK at the Esbenshade Farms Happened as Scheduled 


Despite the country's unrest and covid pandemic the Golden Harvest Days went on as scheduled.  It is held annually in memory of Jamie Esbenshade.  Several MCA members attended this event in Oklahoma last weekend.  Guests were MCA President, Roger Goodrich and wife Peggy.  As well as Wes, Debbie and Damond Armstrong, Charlie Kline, Floyd Moore and friend Dorothy, Dennis, Suzie and Colton Roundy, Fred Heidt, Tom Young, Ron Albers Sr., Gary and Sue Heffner, Bob and Robyn Lynn, and Jerry and Mary Gray.  Note: If I missed someone, I apologize as these were the names given to me but will update if you send me the information.

I am told there was a 35 mile tractor ride and a great deal of farm demonstrations which many took part in.  I also heard the food was amazing!

Many thanks to the Armstrong's for sending the pics for the gallery posting, please enjoy.  Special note, if anyone has other pics of the show, please forward for posting.  Many thanks!  Take care!