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Massey-Harris 50 For Sale

Here is a project tractor with some of the work already completed.  I purchased it just as you see it at a local estate auction.  The representative at the auction said the engine has been completely overhauled, and that it has a new clutch.  It runs fine, but the clutch needs some adjustment for the live PTO detent.

As you can see in the photos (hopefully...) the tractor is missing grill screens, hood ornament, chin piece, and needs the correct seat.  It also needs a new choke rod (the one on it is broken-off at the handle end.  It also does not have a serial number plate.

The hood was not yet ready for paint.  It was painted over some pitting that will need to be smoothed out and repainted. 

The pictures should tell most of the rest of the story.  If you have any questions, please contact me, either through this website, or by email or phone. (812-343-1374)

Priced at only $1,500.

    - JB

RE:Massey-Harris 50 For Sale

Nice looking 50.  Price seems right.

RE:Massey-Harris 50 For Sale

I wish I could get part of your tractor. I am looking for a steering box and internal parts for my 50. I can hardly turn the steering wheel.

RE:Massey-Harris 50 For Sale

Roger, you are alive!!

Keep an eye on ebay there have been several MH 50s parted out on there in the last couple months just keep bidding and I am sure you will get what you need.

RE:Massey-Harris 50 For Sale

This tractor is now sold.



RE:Massey-Harris 50 For Sale

Joe, Yes I am alive. I guess I have somewhat figured out the website. I found a Ferguson 40 about 7 miles from me. I bought it today.  I will get the steering box from it to fix my MH 50, then part out the rest of the tractor. John gald to see you sold your 50..