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MasseyH - (3/14/2023 10:23:58 AM)
Wild Harvest Massey Collector's Newsletter Buy, Sell or Trade
Wild Harvest Massey Collector’s News was a tremendous information filled newsletter for Massey collectors everywhere.  It’s successful publisher, editor, writer, distributor and etc. was our good friend Keith Oltrogge. He also had a team of advisors that included the likes of Dick Carroll, Lawrence Meyers, McComas Albaugh, E.F. Schmidt and others.  It was created long before collecting tractors was in vogue.  From what I can tell there were over 127 different issues created for the enjoyment of Massey collectors from 1984 thru 2005.
These pieces of history should be in the library of every Massey lover!
I have over 80 EXTRA copies of the Wild Harvest Massey Collector’s News dating from 1990 thru 2005. I would be very happy to trade some of these for the following issues ( or purchase them):
Any copies from 1984 thru the first two issues of 1988
1999 Issue #6
2000 Issue #1
2000 Issue #4
If you would be interested in purchasing some of my extras, that can be arranged, as well.  I have 57 different issues from 1990 thru the last issue in January of 2005 that could add to or start a collection for anyone interested in our written Massey history. There are great articles, pictures and information in each issue. If you do not have some of this history, these extra copies would be a great start for any collector.
Let me know! First come; first served and I am still looking for the list above!
Gary Emsweller