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Khanson35MH - (7/6/2022 6:32:51 PM)
RE:1935 Massey GP
Thanks for the quick response. It very much appreciated as a newbie getting familiar with this GP.

A couple more questions if OK.

I have attached a sketch of what I understand the makeup of the driveline.  I have pulled the ¼ “ plug (“A”) on the bottom of the chamber where the clutch and flywheel are, and emptied it.  This seems to be separate from the gearbox, even though its cast together.  It there suppose to be oil in here?  If so, does it affect the clutch? 

You mention that the oil will go back and forth between the gear box and the engine oil pan.  My father has said the same thing.  It seems that the oil level in the gearbox is maybe higher than in the engine?  How does the oil move back and forth and are there certain situations that make it happen?  How much should there be in the clutch and flywheel chamber, or should it be kept drained?

I don’t see a drain plug on the rear box, but there is a low cover plate on the left side.  How much oil should be in there?  Right now, it is full up to the shaft bearing as I was filling everything in sight without knowing what I was doing……..

If it's not to much trouble, do you have horizontal and verteical measurements off some reference point where I should drill to put in a plug for the gearbox?

Thanks for all of your insight.