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MalcolmRobinson - (8/10/2022 3:17:51 AM)
1997-150th to 2022-175th Massey Harris Anniversary Memories and the Collectors we have met.
As this very special 175th Anniversary Year for 'Massey' quickly moves forward and we prepare for the North American "Massey Expo" in Milton early September, I thought it would be very fitting to reflect back on the last 25 years of "Massey Collecting" around the world.

During this time there are many Massey Collectors who are no longer with us, many of them put tireless amounts of effort into the 150th shows around the world in 1997 and I just thought we should not let them be forgotten and pay tribute to their founding work from all the various Clubs and groups formed to preserve the history of Massey.

I am sure you all can contriubute to this thread of Massey Collectors and people you know who loved the passion of "Massey-Harris" from 1997 to today. This can hopefully be one extensive thread of 'past, present and future Massey Collectors'.

To start off with here is one of my favourite photo's from the Racine, Wisconsin 150th Show in 1997, the late John Cauldwell from Scotland, myself from England and John Farnworth from Wales enjoying the show after the torrential rain stopped.

Come on let's hear your memories and see your photo's from the last 25 years. I am sure we shall all see faces we cannot remember now, but I know someone else will put a name to the faces.

Enjoy the remainder of this Special Year as we build up to The 2022 Expo.