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johnfarnworth - (9/21/2022 2:19:30 PM)
2022 Massey Expo
Malcolm and I attended the recent Massey Expo at the Country Heritage Park in Milton, Ontario, Canada two weeks ago.  We had not expected it to be an outstanding event even though it is the 175th anniversary year of Massey.  It turned out to be "OK", better than the last Expo held there but could not hold a candle to the 150th anniversary Expo held there previously.
Sadly the Heritage Park has lost its shine over the years.  Two major makes have departed and the large sheds of veteran tractors etc were not open to the public even though it was a holiday weekend.  We did steal a glance into these sheds however and to say the least it was depressing to see the poor and neglected state of these marvellous machines.  This is mirrored too in the Massey building which was always kept spic and span by volunteers but is now somewhat "dusty". with flat tyres and at least one siezed engine.  Additionally the Park management have chosen to install a totally inappropriate balcony which members of the Massey Twin Power Association whom I met with are up in arms about.  Apparently they were not consulted.  The "Country Heritage" aspect of the Park seems to be being sacrificed and replaced with more profitable weddings and events which has apparently returned the Park to profitability - maybe they will see fit now to re-invest in the valuable items of country heritage that they are custodians to.  We can only hope.............

Anyway for now here are some pics of the actual Expo