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MalcolmRobinson - (9/27/2022 9:13:44 AM)
RE:2017 Massey Expo

Now we are back in UK and getting around to reflecting on our trip including the high and low points of this very special "175th Anniversary of Massey Expo" at The Country Heritage Park in Milton, Ontario.

Yesterday I received an email response from a M-H Collector who I was looking forward to meeting at the Expo, I never saw him or any of his items at the event. Apparently he decided not to go due to the rules of the Heritage Park in NOT allowing anything to run during the show, now I fully understand why we never saw an "Expo Parade" or any M-H gas engines running this year,
I do recall the parade from the 150th Expo in 1997 was a great memorable part of the entire show, together with M-H gas egines belted up to various M-H machines demonstarting their use.

Changing times I guess but my question, "WHY A STATIC EXPO for such a memorable occassion" ??? 

My personal opinion is paying public like to see and hear moving machinery, looking at a static display does not always tell the visitor what the machine did and how it operates. We have to promote our working agricultural heritage at our shows in England now with what these things did in their working day.

Look forward to others comments on this which I never heard mentioned at the event.