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JoePoncelet - (11/27/2022 7:59:58 PM)
Massey Shirts thread #1
Going through my closet this weekend and sorting through my "Massey" shirts because for some reason they "shrunk" in the closet as some don't seem to fit me anymore, don't know what's up with that... maybe too warm in there?
As I went through them I took pictures of all the different shirts and came up with over 100 different designs. So I thought I would start a post and show them over the next couple weeks. Maybe some will spark a memory with some of you as i am sure there was some good times had at the shows these shirts were made for.
When it comes to Massey shirts two people come to mind, Steve and Sandy Miller as these two are the master minds behind alot of these Massey shirt designs. 
When talking with Sandy a couple weeks ago I asked her which shirt was her favorite over the years. She quickly replyed the Dayton, Iowa shirt because of all the colors including blue. So I guess this should be my first shirt to post. I remember the show, seems like it was yesterday. It was on a golf course and we had very good weather. Here is a picture of Steve and Sandy and the shirt design.