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JoePoncelet - (12/3/2022 9:02:44 AM)
RE:Massey Shirts
Shirt for the day,
2014 MENA shirt from Rushville, IN. The tractor on this shirt was once owned by John B. then myself and is now in the Tim Pace collection. This show was the first show for the restored MH #2 owned by Tom Jansen and the first show for the freshly restored MH 44 Orchard diesel owned by Dennis Brown. Dennis got this tractor from me in a pile of bones. If you look close to the picture it looks as though he is so proud of this tractor he used himself as the hood ornament. Also this may have been the first show for the newly restored Sawyer Massey but I am not sure on that one. One of the pictures proves your tractor will do better in a parade if you put gas in it. Their was alot to see at this show as you can see by the last picture one fella was completely exausted.