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johnfarnworth - (12/17/2022 8:53:32 AM)
In recent posts we have heard how there is more to the Massey enthusiasts' movement than tractors!  This is very true so I thought I would draw up a list of some (NOT ALL!!!) possibilites for diversifying away from a purist tractor enthusiasm.  There is just simply so much more to the whole Massey heritage which of course includes Ferguson and Massey Ferguson as well as makes that Massey has in the past associated with such as Sawyer, Blackstone, Dickie and Sunshine as well as makes that they have taken over such as Verity and others in Canada.

Therefore I respectfulkly give a listing of what else is possible for you to indulge yourself in, much of which is lower cost than tractors, doesn't take up much space and will realise to you the great divesity of Massey heritage that is out there to be tracked down.  Believe me it is fascinating and is usually of more interest to the ladies than tractors!!!  I can truly confirm that in my collection I have examples of all that I list.

So here goes - and it is by no means a complete listing - others can add to it - but I will start the ball rolling:

Write books and articles
Document factories and dealerships
Interview and document past employees' experiences
Documment collectors' and enthusiasts' experiences
Create modern artwork
Books and articles
Instruction and parts books
Full and part line catalogues
Employee contracts and Terms etc
Tractor Xmas cards and birthday cards
Event/show catalogues recording Massey entries
Newspapers and magazines
Employee training and other certificates
Period photos
Your own photos
Original art works
Sales literature
Playing cards
Period and modern toys and models
Parts stores counter and floor mats
Postage stamps
Post cards
Company mail and envelopes
Paper money
Cast implement parts
Bricks and materials from factories and dealerships
Stationary engines and associated equipment e.g. speed governors and pump jacks
Implements for horses and tractors
Massey associated company items e.g. Sawyer, Blackstone, Dickie, Sunshine
Barn machines
Domestic utility items - stoves, freezers etc
Field machinery e.g. combines, balers
Clothing - new and period,
Cream separators
Wrenches and other tools
Parts boxes - wood and cardboard and other packaging
Signs - wood, tin, electric
Desk ornaments e.g. paper weights, pen holders etc
Seats - cast and tin
Dealership memorabilia
Pens and pencils
Sales brochure and parts book racks
Mugs, crockery, cutlery
Childrens items e.g. puzzles, games
Watches and clocks
Cigarette lighters
Match books
Watch fobs
Belt buckles
Special event gifts e.g. table weights, pen holders etc etc
Anniversary memorabilia - e,g. Massey 100th,125th, 150th and the recent 175th
Wooden and steel implement wheels
M-H tyres
For the Ausies - gates and fencing
Tractor badges (e.g. 135) and sterring wheel centre pieces
Oil and oiling cans. grease guns
Paper and cloth banners
Bicycles and associated equipment
Tool boxes

I rest my case and hope that I can further inspire the Massey movement to get out there, aquire the odds and ends (at less cost than tractors!!!!) and enjoy the truly vast and great Massey heritage.