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MalcolmRobinson - (12/19/2022 5:46:33 AM)
Well said John,

The first thing I say to visitors at my place "everyone thinks I collect tractors, well there is much more to M-H than just tractors".
For the ladies amongst the visitors they always show real enthusiasm at the clothes pegs, thimbles and pillow cases, even if they are not really into tractors.
And most visitors get a kick out of when I say you can collect money, an Australian visitor one day left me a $5 dollar note which has the Sir Edmund Hilary Ferguson on, it goes well with both versions of the Harry Ferguson Irish £20 note with the Ferguson Brown tractor on.

As John mentioned previously "The Home of Massey in Newcastle Ontario"  is steeped in Massey history and here is a photo of clinker which continues to rise to this day in the current garden on the site where Daniel Massey's original blacksmith's shop was.

Some people tell me tthis is the point my collecting hobby turned to be an obsession. But for me there is just as much interest in the 'small collectibles of M-H and associated companies' as their years of tractor production.

Enjoy the "Massey Collectibles" they don't take up much space.