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Wallis Cub on Aumann Pre 30 auction

There is another Wallis Cub coming up on Aumann Pre 30 Auction in April incase anybody has some extra money laying around. How much will this one bring?
Can't get the picture to upload. Go to Aumann site.

RE:Wallis Cub on Aumann Pre 30 auction

Any idea whose collection that is coming out of??

RE:Wallis Cub on Aumann Pre 30 auction

It is from the Ken Eder collection in North Carolina. With all the rain and warm weather I already dug up 2 cream cans of money but I think it will take another 10-12 cans to buy it.. Here is a picture of it and one of when it was loaded at Yuma, AZ back in 2007 with Ken grinning from ear to ear. The serial number is 1532 it is one of 8-1/2 known to exist. I'm sure the engine is still stuck, I heard they just painted it to look good. The last picture is not very good but it is what it looked like back in 2005.

RE:Wallis Cub on Aumann Pre 30 auction

Unfortunately, this will be another one of those games I can't play in.  Should be interesting to watch.


RE:Wallis Cub on Aumann Pre 30 auction

Here it is Joe sitting in the 'Parts Tractor Yard' when we had the Spring Meeting there in Yuma 2005. The modified vertical exhaust on ths one at the time makes it easy to identify.

Three familiar faces enjoy not just the sun and warmth in March but drooling over the amount of interesting old iron !!