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MalcolmRobinson - (1/27/2023 9:57:43 AM)
RE:Plow day
Thank you Suzie and Joe for posting this on here.

I remember well seeing the remains of the early Wiard plow at Jim Erdle's auction, its nice to see what restoration work has gone into it and see it back in use at long last , well done to all involved as it looked almost destined for the 'scrap man' as it sat in the dirt in Canandaigua NY. I have just tried to find a photo of it at that auction, I can see the image in my mind, but can I find it now !!!!!

I also enjoyed the look around each plow at the start of the video, some I had never seen before, Fred has an amazing and unique collection and nice to see them out being used as they were originally in their working day.

Even the weather co-operated well for your 'Plow Day' in October.