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Massey Related Books and References

This thread is being re-established from the old web site.  First to see if I can do it and second because it is a great reference tool for any Massey collector.  There are over 58 book reviews copied from the old site.  Some books are out of print but many are still available.  As you read through the comments please keep in mind, John Farnworth from St Ann's Bethesda Wales compiled and critiqued each of the books.  Thank you, John for your tremendous commitment to this effort and your willingness to share it with others.

Of course we will start off with on of his own books that we hope everyone has in their collection!

Massey Legacy Volume 1 

Author:  John Farnworth

ISBN 0 85236 403 2

400 pages
Main chapters:
Key people in company development
A chronology of company development
Company and product promotion
Cultivation equipment
Planting and general field equipment
Agricultural equipment


RE:Massey Related Books and References

Massey Legacy Volume 2 

Author:  John Farnworth
ISBN 0 85236 404 0
371 pages
This is the other half of the Massey Legacy

Main chapters:
General farm equipment
Harvesting equipment
Industrial equipment
Massey-Harris in wartime
Household, farmyard and other equipment
Landscape, garden and forestry equipment
Stationary engines
Trends, innovations and the present status of MF

RE:Massey Related Books and References

Harvest Triumphant

Author: Merrill Denison

Publisher: McLelland and Stewart Ltd. Toronto

351 pages

My all time favorite book on Massey history is "Harvest Triumphant" written to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the company. This is a mostly text book with few illustrations but it is the most authoritative text there is on early Massey company history as well as that of the families, also the world circumstances in agriculture in which the company developed. It is a truly scholarly presentation by the author. The book is well know in Canada where it was produced and apparently many school children were given copies - there is also a paperback edition. It's long out of print of course but copies turn up on e bay not infrequently and can often be found in second hand bookshops in Canada. The author had full access to the obviously extensive company archives of the day.


RE:Massey Related Books and References

Tracteurs Pony 1947-1961

ISBN 2-7268-9385-6

Authors Jean Cherouvrier and Jean Moulin

145 pages

Well, it's the end of the year so here is a French book to keep you awake as the New Year comes in.

Don't be put off by it being in French - it is luxuriously illustrated and a delight to browse. It's also, to my knowledge anyway, the only book so far exclusively on the Pony tractors.


RE:Massey Related Books and References

Ferguson TE 20 in Detail

Author Michael Thorne

ISBN 0-9549981-3-8

174 pages

Here's a real treat for the Ferguson collectors written by one of our premier Ferguson collectors, Mike Thorne. It is an extremely well researched and illustrated book written by one who has Ferguson inscribed on his heart. His collection down in SW England is well worth a visit. In recent years he has held an annual open day

RE:Massey Related Books and References

Massey Ferguson Traktorbrochurer 1947-1975

Author Peters Traktorboger

ISBN 87-989381-1-8

207 pages.


Here's an MF book in Danish but don't worry about that! It's very easy to follow as it is highly illustrated from brochures.


RE:Massey Related Books and References

Memoirs from 1905
From Homesteading to a lifetime of service with Massey Harris

250 pages

Today's offering is a Canadian gem. It's the recollections of one of the oldest and longest serving MH/MF employees Purcell McMaster form his youth to retirement. It was painstakingly gathered together by Canadian MH enthusiasts Barb and George Smyth when Purc was approaching 100 years of age a few years ago. It's one of the most comprehensive of an individual's MH recollections.


RE:Massey Related Books and References

150 Years of Massey
Massey Harris, Ferguson and Massey Ferguson

Author Derek Hubbard
203 pages

Today's offering is from New Zealand. It's a book prepared for the MF 150th anniversary by Derek Hubbard - one of NZ's keenest of Massey enthusiasts


RE:Massey Related Books and References

A World-Wide Guide to Massey Ferguson Industrial and Construction Equipment

Author: John Farnworth

ISBN No. 0 9540222 0 3

310 pages

Here's another of my own books, this time for the industrial equipment boys. It was a voyage of discovery for me preparing this as I had no experience of this sort of kit. I enjoyed doing it immensely and I surprised myself (and many in MF) about the vast range of industrial equipment that they had produced over a relatively short time.

Chapters: Brief history of industrial equipment, industrial equipment prior to 1964, development of shuttle systems, bare industrial tractors, turf tractors, highway tractors, landscapers, towing tractors and tugs, front wheel drive loaders, crawler loaders, four wheel drive loaders, tractor backhoe loaders, skid steer loaders, rough terrain fork lifts, fork lifts, crawler and wheel dozers, crawler tractors, tracked excavators, wheeled excavators, forestry and logging equipment, refuse compactors, mini excavators, telescopic handlers, dump haulers, dump trailers, trailers; equipment trailers, power skids and derivative equipment, attachments and approved equipment, The FERMEC range handed over to Case, and finally The Little One!

Highly illustrated!


RE:Massey Related Books and References

When the Whistle Blew. A social history of the town of Sunshine. 1920-1950

Author: Prue McGoldrick
ISBN No. 09590994 1 7
245 pages

For those of you who want to know a bit more about the Massey involvement in Australia, then here is a book about the town of Sunshine which will give quite a bit of background to where the Masseys were made down under