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PROSPEKTE 1948-1964

Author: Von Klaus Bergner

ISBN No. 3-926071-28-1

We haven't had a German book so far so here goes. This one is totally made up of advertising material so even if you don't understand German it’s all pretty obvious from the illustrations. Don't be deceived by the title - it’s not all MF but about half Ferguson. It’s a very perusable book.


RE:Massey Related Books and References


Author.  John Farnworth supported by the many contributors with each contributor acknowledged
ISBN No. 978 1 904686 14 9
225 Pages.
This is the last book I published to celebrate the 50th anniversary of MF in 2008. I was fortunate in that AGCO in the UK decided to give all of their employees a copy to celebrate the occasion and I was invited to the celebration lunches for 600 of their staff. Quite an occasion which was conducted in what was Harry Ferguson's first training centre at Stoneleigh Abbey - now a conference and banqueting centre. For the book I trawled around for a considerable period of time to gather together memories of the founding of MF from former employees. In all I gathered together them from 46 people. Fantastic stories recalling the times, products and general goings on. It was one of my most enjoyable book writing experiences although in this case most of the writing was by the individuals concerned! I simply glued it altogether in a common format. I was also fortunate in finding a treasure trove of photos to support the text.


RE:Massey Related Books and References


Authors: C H Morland (text) A Morland (photos)

ISBN No.0-87938-618-5

128 pages


Here's a pleasant, highly pictorial book which I am sure most in North America are familiar with. It's mostly M-H but with a bit of MF. One of the earlier popular books and dated 1992. It features one tractor now owned by us so have a good browse!!


RE:Massey Related Books and References


Author: Vincent Massey

Published by JM Dent in 1948.

197 pages


More history of the Massey family. Vincent Massey was President of M-H from 1921-1925, but then gave up his interest and went into a career in politics. He became the first Canadian to become the Governor General of Canada if I recall correctly. This is a very interesting book about how he viewed Canada on the world scene and it makes for a fascinating read


RE:Massey Related Books and References

HARRY FERGUSON. From the Living Biography series

Author. Norman Wymer

Publisher. Phoenix House London and Roy Publishers New York . 1961.

103 pages.


Here's a neat little book - very hard to come by. It's an easy to read life of Harry Ferguson with some photographs you may not have seen before.

This biography was approved by Harry Ferguson who died shortly after it was completed and he had approved it. The author was also assisted by Noel Newsome who was HF's commercial secretary.


RE:Massey Related Books and References


Author. R Beemer and C Peterson

ISBN No. 0-7603-0289-8

128 pages


Extending the Ferguson story to the link with Ford. In this book you get the N series Ford tractors, the first of which - the 2Ns and 9Ns were made as "Ford Fergusons" when Ferguson and Ford were working together, and then the later 8Ns which were produced after the link was discontinued. Ford infringed Ferguson's patents and the big law suit between them was a result of Ford producing this tractor. The book also deals with the Funk engine conversions and Sherman transmissions for these tractors.


RE:Massey Related Books and References


Authors. Jean Cherouvrier et Jean Noulin

ISBN No. 2-7268-8490-3

160 pages


Another very nicely prepared book on Fergusons but again the title does mislead a little because coverage is also given to early MF tractors. The book is in French but don't be put off as it is very well illustrated. Ferguson tractors were made under license in France with the French substituting certain components on to units brought in from the UK for assembly there. They had a separate serial number series to the pure UK ones -- the prefix FF was used instead of the British TE. The book also takes a look at the French 35s and 65s. Many photos that you will not have seen before.


RE:Massey Related Books and References


Author. John Farnworth

ISBN No.1-904686-08-7



This is the first tractor book I ever wrote. I had always had it in mind to write something about Ferguson implements, without which of course there would be no "Ferguson System". Anyway around came the 50th anniversary of the start of Ferguson tractor production in the UK so I prepared this. Initially the idea was that "The Friends of Ferguson Heritage Club" would publish it but in the event that would have cost them too much. So I put it out to an established publisher and it has, perhaps surprisingly, been my bestselling book. We have dome two reprints and more recently a revised edition with an extra chapter. This is the one you see here - the first edition had a different cover.

Chapters; Ferguson Brown implements, Ford Ferguson implements, Ford 8N implements, Ferguson TE implements, Ferguson TE accessories, Ferguson Industrial implements, M-H-F and early MF implements and accessories, Ferguson TO implements, Price lists, List of TO 20 implements and accessories, ....and those still to be recorded, Implement and Accessory adaption, The Latest finds!


RE:Massey Related Books and References


Author: Jorgen Kjaer.

ISBN No. 87-987639-0-3

111 pages.


Another (!!!) nice little Ferguson book. Well it was after all the world's best tractor and the subsequent merger saved the M-H dinosaur line of the day!. Anyway this one is from Denmark and in Danish. Again don't worry about the language. It's very well-illustrated and you won't have seen many of the photos before.


RE:Massey Related Books and References


Author. James Duncan

PubluisherClarke Irwin and Co. Ltd. 1971

262 Pages


Here's a most enjoyable book. James Duncan was the President of Massey-Harris who took the company through the war years and onto the merger with Ferguson. This is his autobiography.

It is a strange fact that so few Massey employees have put pen to paper and produced books on their memories. I can think of only James Duncan, Purc McMaster and Colin Fraser (biography of Harry Ferguson) all of whom I have now covered.