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johnfarnworth - (6/10/2012 9:04:07 AM)
Massey mens' food!
In the past we have had a lot of discussion about the superior merits of Jersey cream but it has got lost in various other threads.  So here goes with a thread for Massey mens' food!

Yesterday we went up to a very extensive sale of Ferguson and early MF tractors and implements in the English Lake District - one of our most scenic parts of the UK if not the best.

Anyway after being stunned out of my mind that  a Ferguson Game Flusher made almost £9000 (= approx 13950 USD) we went off to do a bit of site seeing and came upon a seventh heaven.  Gary E,  Joe P and Steve M - eat your hearts out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or simply cry because you were not there with us.

 We stumbled upon this farm based cafe/restaurant of some considerable quality.  The farm had a large herd of Jerseys and apparently used to use MH equipment many years ago.  In we went to the cafe to sample the wares.  Boys - I have never tasted anything like it - JERSEY ICE CREAM.  I had the simple vanilla flavour type but there were about 20 types on offer.  If ever anything melted in your mouth and paralysed you with the sheer joy of its flavour and ultra smooth texture then this was it.

I just have to get back there as soon as possible and take my cold box with me to haul it home in bulk!