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You boys have been to the Massey House Restaurant enough times now you should have your own personal seats by now...Sounds like a great place to visit sometime if I get up that way.

Here is my latest contribution to the Massey Men's food menu, wile at the Iowa chapter show we ate a great meal for the evening banquet. It looked so good and tasted so good I just had to take a picture to share with the rest of you. Then to top it off we were served a piece of cheese Cake..MMMMMGOODDD... 

Out at the show grounds there was a nice lady making homemade Fry bread, although it was not cooked on an official Massey Harris stove it was Awesome!!!


RE:Massey mens' food!


I can smell that Fry Bread right over here.


RE:Massey mens' food!


That certainly looks to have been a well above average Massey banquet!!  So maybe this thread is having a positive effect on Massey culinary standards??  Marvellous - carry on eating folks and always to the highest of Massey standards where possible ............

Self and Moira had a day out today and went down a 4000 year old copper mine only about 15 miles from us.  Incredible place and reckoned to be the oldest such site in the world.   Strangely it is on the top of a mountain with a very good cafe ....................

Joe - when you do go to the Massey restaurant in Newcastle just mention self and Malcolm to Gus the proprietor and I'm sure you will get a great welcome - he loves to talk Massey.


RE:Massey mens' food!

Well done Iowa Massey Collectors, looks like you entertained and fed your visitors very well. It brings back fond memories for me of receiving the best pork chop ever in a restaurant in Iowa back in 1998 when the expo was at Dayton Iowa, the second Massey trip John and I did together. Never forgot the size and quality of that meal and how well you eat in Iowa.

If any of you make the trip to The Massey Restaurant in Newcastle Ontario also ask Gus for one of his table place mats which has the history of Massey plotted out from 1630 to 1989, they make a good collectible momento of your visit.
Keep our seats warm when you get there and look out for the Irish singers in the cafe across the street, they are fantastic too, I think that's why John likes returning to Newcastle so regularly!!!