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johnfarnworth - (6/22/2012 1:58:30 AM)
RE:Massey mens' food!


Glad the post card got through without US hygiene regulations interference!

Thanks for the congratulations on pulling up the 100 - hadn't realised.  Must celebrate with some strawberries and JERSEY cream this afternoon!! Just doing my bit and hoping we can drag ever more Massey Folks on board for a bit of chat and banter.  Just wish we could engage those thousands out there beyond the MCA membership who are clearly watching us with interest but not able to reply.

The Massey restaurant sure is a relaxing and thoughtful place but probably not large enough for a Massey banquet but ideal for smaller group visits.  Sitting more or less next to that 150+years old factory is quite something.  Although now old folks apartments and shops on the ground floor all the external features have been so well preserved including the Massey lettering on the walls.  True nostalgia!

Keep thinking ----- and doing------and eating!!!!