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New MCA DVD's Available

The second in a series of DVD's are ready for your enjoyment.  Here is the info on what they are and how to get them!!

Second Series Limited Edition DVDs


      Now available for $15.00 each.  


             from the Collection of Del Gentner


DVD Number 5 –“Professional Tough” Introducing the 800 Series Combines.

“Take Command” D G Kettering talks to management teams  on improving the MF combines.


DVD Number 6 – “The Rugged New Breed” introducing the 100 series tractors.

                               “The Challengers” 100 and 1100 series tractors.

        “Tractor Upgrading Project”  “V-8 Power” Introducing the 1150



DVD Number 7 – “Ski Whiz”  “Ski Whiz Spectacular”  “Winter Sports”


DVD Number 8 – “Uncle Ray Finds The Way” Introducing the Ferguson TO-30

                             tractor and implements.

“Specifically Yours” Harry Ferguson presents the Ferguson system.              


 Postage in the USA and Canada: 1 DVD – $3.00, 2 DVDs - $4.00

                                                                3 DVDs - $5.00, 4 DVDs - $6.00


Postage outside USA and Canada: 1 DVD – $5.00, 2 DVDs - $8.00

                                                                   3 DVDs - $10.00, 4 DVDs - $12.00


   Add 4% fee if using PayPal for payment.

        Email Address:


Make checks payable to: Mike Popp

Send to: Mike Popp 617 Hank’s Hollow Trail De Forest. WI 53532