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JoePoncelet - (7/31/2016 10:13:46 PM)
RE:Massey Harris General Purpose Four Wheel Drive

I'm glad I don't have to put in a new kitchen or bathroom every time I buy another GP or I would be pretty broke....

Thanks to Damond, Wes and Debbie Armstrong I finally got my GP home I bought last April in Henford, California last Thursday evening. I am very pleased with it but it is going to take some TLC to get it back to it's glory like it should be. This tractor is very rare as it is the narrowest of the GPs made it is Serial # 303038-50. It was set up to run on LP many years ago but I removed all that as it was pretty much rotted off from years of sitting.

I spent about 3 hours power washing it today and amazingly a lot of the green paint now shows up instead of rust. The engine was stuck but I got it loose In about an hour but when I put a starter on it and cranked it over it had a bad knock, after further looking I could easily see why it had a knock.. Someone had pushed the bottom of the oil pan up about two inches so that will take a bit to iron that out.

Here are some before and after pictures so far.