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JoePoncelet - (10/9/2016 10:27:53 AM)
RE:Massey Harris General Purpose Four Wheel Drive
John F,

Earlier on in this GP thread we were talking about the differences in the Flat head "1930-1935" verses the Overhead Valve "1936-1937" tractors. I just finished up working on a 1936 tractor I was working on " it is a bit cobbled as I put a flathead engine in it" because I don't have a manifold yet for the original engine for this tractor. I will switch the engines when I find a manifold. Anyway this tractor had problems with the right front housing as it was busted on the top so had to be welded up. When I took it apart the small bull gear was missing and a dummy bearing was stuck in there just to hold up the shaft. I think this was ran this way for many years so it wore the shaft so that I couldn't put a new bearing on it so had to replace it with another. I dug through my parts pile witch is very small for the GPs but did find a shaft I could use, or at least I thought I could. when I set it next to the other I noticed they are very similar but very different as the one for the 36 has the splines on the outside and the one I found had the splines on the inside, I thought I was at the end of the road on this one.... I looked it over and decided I could just pull the knuckle apart and use one half but the big question was how does it come apart?? After looking at for a long time and scratching my head I knew there had to be an easy way to do this.. I noticed there was a pin inside one of the knuckles so I tapped it out and the pin just fell out. Wow that was easy!
So the shafts are different and also the main wheel seals are quite different from the earlier ones. I think they improved them quite a bit. I have talked with many people on the phone about replacing these wheel seals and when they get done they still leak. I believe the reason is they didn't replace the wheel bearings when they replaced the seal so there is no way the seal can fill the gap as the sealing surface is jumping around.