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johnfarnworth - (10/10/2016 1:58:14 PM)
RE:Massey Harris General Purpose Four Wheel Drive

Good to hear from you again after your long summer recess!!

Here I too am at work on two of my GPs.

My orchard ohv is letting a lot of water down into the sump so I reckon it's the head gasket at fault.  Anyway the plan is to get the head off soon with the help of a young and very able local mechanic who is in the spring of his yout compared to me in the stiffness of old age.  I will have to get a gasket made but there are plenty of firms here doing that.

My 66 inch side valve as you may recall has a snapped brake rod.  We have fathomed that the best way to get at it is to remove the wheel and vertical gear assembly, then remove the trumpet hosing and shaft..  Easier we think than removing it all in one piece.

With the help of the same lad I have also renewed the brakes on our two No. 2s this summer.  That proved much easier than expected and \I got each one re-lined in about a week.

Nothing but progress!  And I have had most of my magnetos serviced and the points ground down to remove the serious pitting that was present on most of them.  It makes a difference.

Late news!   My mechanic arrived as I was typing this.  We went down to the shed and within two hours we had the head off the OHV and the side valve wheel/axle unit off.  No obvious problem with the head gasket to be seen so we have left the block full of water to see if it goes down overnight.  Then we will investigate the head for a possible crack.

On the side valve a sigh of relief.  The brake rod has not snapped but rather one of the anchor brackets has broken off the brake lining.  I believe that I can get that fixed and at the same time re-line the band  Very interesting to see into the transmission guts of the side valve.  They packed a lot in there.

Onwards and upwards!