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Tseaberg - (6/11/2012 6:56:34 AM)
Wallis Tractors
Well I thought I would start up a new Wallis tractor thread on the new site.

This is the same tractor I started the last post with so I thought it would be fitting. Now a few years later this Wallis OK is getting very close to being done for now. We had it started up on the belt and running for several hours a couple weeks ago after doing the work to get it running.
New big tank, new starting tank, new fan shroud, rebuilt AT4 magneto, replaced manifold with nicer one, had air cleaner welded up, new exhaust elbow, rebuilt vaporizer, nicer belt pulley, replaced all thrrottle rods and ends, rebuilt waterpump, New oil indicator, and finally tightened up the rod bearings.

After we had it running we noticed the head gasket was leaking slightly so it was decided that the head should come off and get rebuilt with a new head gasket. The new head is ready to go on when I get the new valves finished.

Enough talk now heres the pics from when we belt started it