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JoePoncelet - (6/21/2012 8:55:43 PM)
RE:Wallis Tractors

Don't know much about the 15s but in years to come I am sure we will learn more as we put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Wow! did I have different day yesterday, I got up at 5:00AM to let the pooch out and in less than a minute she killed a skunk so I had to give her a bath to try to get some of the stink off. I figured I was wide awake and it was very cool and dry out so I started to mow lawn at 5:30AM. I mowed all day and filled several boxes of scrap metal in between in the yard next door. I was just about done mowing but had one more piece left in the Junk yard to mow so I headed back over there with the mower. As I was driving along side my corn field I couldn't believe my eyes, In the shortest two rows in the field laid my Camera I plowed under last year!! I truely thought I would never in my lifetime see that camera again. It was smashed just as I figured one of the lugs or the colter on the plow hit it dead center. I did not care about the camera all I wanted was the SD card out of it, I slowly opened it up and the card was perfectly in tact. I quickly stuck it into my computer and all 951 pictures are still perfect!!

About an hour later the sky got real dark and boy did it rain!! We got 3 inches by the time it was done. What a day!!

Here are the last two pictures I took last fall just before plowing my camera under.