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RE:Wallis Tractors

Well Joe and I did good this weekend bringing some good stuff back to Minnesota.

The tractor pictured is not quite a Cub Jr but I did buy several parts for a JR.  The complete tractor started life as a Wallis K. Now it has been very modified. some of the added options are Packard honeycomb radiator, challenger front end, two oil pumps and oil lines running all over, external turning brakes, widened rear axles, nice comfortable spring mounted seat, and several other extras like part of a tree.

Now I have a place to use my Bennett carburetor when I build up a Cub JR.


RE:Wallis Tractors

Nice load Joe and SAVED before they got into the scrap train heading for China, do I notice a hint of green paint on the M-H 20-30 fuel tank?

Well Tom it looks like you are going to have plenty of projects to keep you busy for several years, it is just amazing what some farmer / mechanics did to keep these old tractors runniing and doing the job they needed done, I like the modified axle extension and bet it steered very well with a Challenger front end on it.

Will it be running in time for my visit to MN in a few weeks??


RE:Wallis Tractors

Hi Malcolm, I do have plenty of projects now! I am sure there will be more out there I just have to buy. It wont be running by the time your here but you can run the K and imagine it has a single front!

We have been working on collecting some numbers for the 12-20's concerning the extra 4 numbers that are stamped onto the block. We do not know yet what exactly they stand for but here are some numbers Ervin and Joe have collected for me.

So far I am thinking the first number stands for the year of production. 1 means 1st years of production 2 means 2nd year and so on. I think they started with 1930 models so a 1 might mean 30, 2 means 31, 3 means 32? At this point it is all guessing but increasing serial numbers the first number always increases. same with the last 3. They increase with serial numbers till thefirst number changes. So heres a list and lets see if we can come up with a sounds theory on what it all means!
wallis / MH 12-20
Serial number   Extra block number

#100391              460 or 466
#100886              816    (Engine only no tractor)
#100964            1036
#101206            1130
#101551            1631
#101588            1670       
#102292            2520   (Engine only no tractor)
#102398            2168
#102779            2887 or 2387
#102944            3050
#200017            3105
#200021            3116
#102959            3146
#200045            3708
#103670            3790
#104084            4099
#104190            4611   (Engine only no tractor)
#200072            4784
#104452            4902   (Massey Harris)
#104835            4877
#104666            5093
#104918            5347
#104967            5333    (Massey Harris)
#105073            5533
#106011            6676
#106013            6680    (Massey Harris)


RE:Wallis Tractors


As you may have noticed I added ten tractor numbers to your list, the one that really puzzles me is number 2520 this is an engine only I don't have the tractor for it but the tractor should be serial number 102292 engine number is 101821 and extra number on engine is 2520.

This does not go in line with the others Could it be a goof up?? Should it have been 2025 or 2052?? Here is a picture of the number as you can see the first # 2 has been hit several times.

RE:Wallis Tractors


The Massey Harris 20-30 has alot of green paint on it yet, although it has been repainted at least once in its lifetime I believe it may have been green from the start because it has a Canadian Serial tag on it and was more than likely an export tractor and sold new in Canada.

The decals on the rear fenders are in the same location as the Wallis 20-30 Up about a foot from the bottom of the fender. The engine and top of the radiator under the hood was painted red just as the Wallis 20-30 I would swear the same guy painted these two tractors about 50 years ago as they match almost exactly in paint scheme. As you can see in the picture the decals have been replaced when the tractor was painted and are not lined up with the old ones. The Wallis 20-30 is Serial # 65639 and the Massey Harris 20-30 is Serial # 65841.

Painted tractors are nice but rusty tractors are easier to keep clean!!

RE:Wallis Tractors

Hey joe can you double check the numbers on 104835 and 104666? They seem not to line up. Unless that's one I added?

Is there any other 12-20 owners out there?

RE:Wallis Tractors


I checked the numbers and that is what they are so possibly that number on the engine with 2520 is not a goof up??? Maybe once we figure out what these numbers are for it will make sense??

Any other Wallis or Massey Harris 12-20 owners out there want send Tom there Serial numbers with engine numbers and extra engine number so we can add it to the list to try to figure this mess out?? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

I would especially like to find the Wallis / Massey Harris 12-20 with Serial number 106012 as I own SN 106011 and SN 106013 one is a Wallis and the other is a Massey Harris just curious to see what the extra engine number would be, it should be between 6676 and 6680.

RE:Wallis Tractors

I wanted to give an update on my most recent Wallis project. I posted earlier about the rebuilt head for our OK. Well finally this weekend I managed to get it all assembled again. As usual it took longer than I thought it would due to some unforseen problems, hot weather and I managed to loose one of the valve keepers so that set me back a while untill I found another.

The tractor runs really well now. Later I will post a video.

I also installed the new drawbar I had made. It turned out great and is a much needed improvement over the old one.

Next I will need to get the correct steering, and a new set of fenders. The most important is a set of angle lugs so I can go use it along with some governor adjustments.


RE:Wallis Tractors

Hopefully this will be the video.

RE:Wallis Tractors


Your tractor looks and sounds great!! Keep up the good work!!