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jwb53 - (10/10/2014 6:08:08 AM)
Pacemaker Orchard Tractors
Those of you who were able to attend this year's Massey Exposition of North America may have seen that I finally got the orchard sheet metal painted and installed on my 1938 Pacemaker Orchard, as well as the correct magneto.  

I am interested in learning all I can about the Red/Styled 1938 Pacemaker Orchard tractors.

I was told once a couple of years ago that there were believed to be about 17 of these 1938 Pacemaker Orchards known to still exist.  For those of you in the know, does this still sound about right?  Has that number changed?  I was contacted late this summer by a Massey collector who somehow came onto a deal to buy three of these as a package deal...  Were those already in that 17 number, or perhaps those are now additional finds?

Also, anybody have any wild guess as to how many of the 1938 Pacemaker Orchards may have been produced?  Doubtful there is any way of really knowing, but thought it was worth asking this forum.

Any other interesting tidbits of information about these tractors would be interesting to hear and discuss.  Things that make them unique, like the set-back front axle, steering brakes, lowered operator platform, etc...  

Is there any interest in putting together a registry of the Pacemaker Orchard tractors, like what was done for the 201/202/203 tractors?

I look forward to your feedback.