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jwb53 - (11/13/2014 7:03:56 PM)
RE:Pacemaker Orchard Tractors
Back to the Pacemaker Orchard stream again.  I have always been under the impression that all of the Red and Yellow Pacemakers and Challengers were considered to be 1938 model year tractors.  I just noted in Keith's Massey Tractor Data Book, that he lists serial number ranges for 1937-1939...  Is it possible that Massey built a few in late calendar year 1937 which would have been considered 1938 model year, and then perhaps built a few out to use up inventory in early 1939?? 

I would appreciate thoughts and comments on that...

Secondly, from what I have been looking at tonight, it would appear that only the gasoline versions of the Styled Pacemaker were "Twin-Power", and that the distillate versions were not.  Any thoughts on that?