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Tseaberg - (11/13/2014 7:50:39 PM)
RE:Pacemaker Orchard Tractors
Hi John, You bring up a great bit of info that is not very well known. The styled tractors were produced a lot later than most people generally think. 1938 year is associated with nearly every one of the styled CH, PA, and 25 tractors out there. They were advertised AND produced all the way through 1940. Quite a few Pacemakers that I have looked at are made in 1939 and a couple in 1940. A friend of mine has the newest pacemaker I have seen with serial number 111827 and casting dates of 4-11-40 on the transmission along with 5-21-40 in the engine block. Dennis Brown has been on a several year long search of the newest Challenger so it will be interesting to see the casting dates on that for a comparison.

Now for the styled orchard part of things. Both the Orchard and Vineyard are shown in the 1939 price list for sale (I don't have a 1940 price list yet). I do not have a large amount of casting dates but several years ago in the process of keeping track of these we tried to round up some casting dates just for conversation at the time and it turned out to be quite interesting, So luckily I was able to find one of my old hand written list's that shows some of the casting dates on existing Orchard tractors. Our styled OPA #200472 has 2-23-38 Trans and 2-15-38 Engine dates. Your OPA #200487 has 5-17-38 Trans and 4-20-38 Engine dates, 200499 is 9-20-38 Trans, 12-23-38 engine dates. 200506 has 9-21-38 Trans, and 2-12-38 engine dates. So that is a little bit of an indicator as to the time period when these were made casting wise. Who knows how long a casting was to be sitting around before machining and final assembly. Which could explain the large difference in date on 200506, Maybe my writing is incorrect but I am sure Ervin could double check it.

Also for the Twin-Power difference. Correct only the gas tractors were Twin-Power, and the Kerosine / Distillate tractors were "standard". 

Here is a quick picture of the transmission date on the late 1940 Pacemaker. Note the part number suffix too.
Now the question is who in their right mind would buy a Pacemaker over a 101 in 1940?