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Posting Pictures on Discussion Page

For those of you who don't know how to post pictures on here I am showing some pictures in a 5 step process. Once you put your wording in and put the security verification numbers in then.

1. Click on Attach files box    Then Click OK

2. Click on Browse ( go to where you saved your image) Desktop, jump drive, camera, etc..

3. Click on the Image you want to post 

4. Click Open

5. Click Upload

If you have already posted your text and want to add a picture later just click on the (Attachments) button on the lower right of your post.

Hope this helps,


RE:Posting Pictures on Discussion Page

Good tutorial Joe!! 



RE:Posting Pictures on Discussion Page

Thanks for your help Joe.

That is the way I have always posted photos onto the website and it has worked for me until this last time when the website tells me my photos are too large. I have never had this problem before but perhaps I have changed something on my camera or the way I store the photos on the computer but I don't think so.

I will try again.



RE:Posting Pictures on Discussion Page

Just bringing this old and useful thread up to the top for the benefit of our new member Jack Turner, we can then see some of his collection and family Massey's.


RE:Posting Pictures on Discussion Page

I'm still having problems posting pictures, l have been using the same iPhone for the past two years and have had no problem at all posting pictures but now the website won't accept them. The problem seems to be the phone, if I text or email the pictures to another iPhone I can post them just fine from the other phone. Very frustrating.

RE:Posting Pictures on Discussion Page